As explained in the message below, we are giving everyone an opportunity to bless Maddie with a gift to help her get a fresh start in life. You may give online donation using the DONATE link below. All donations will be directly transferred to Maddie for needs she has for clothing, toiletries, gasoline for driving to work, etc. Thanks for your generosity and love for Maddie.

I wanted to give a few more details about Maddie, a young girl living in our community who lost both of her parents earlier this year. Maddie is currently living with her half brother and working at Ceeja’s coffee shop (A Latte Love in Piedmont.)

Maddie will turn 18 in January and will no longer receive Social Security help. Her resources are limited, so our Surrey Sisters group has been helping her out some.

The gifts and donations already received for Maddie are greatly appreciated. We hope to shower Maddie with gifts at Christmas which will help her to get a start in life. Gift cards for clothing at places like Ross, JC Penny or a gas card to help her get to work would help. Also toiletries, make-up and other needs.

Thanks for the gifts already donated at our Friendsgiving dinner or other recent gatherings. You can make a donation online by credit/debit card at the Donate button below.

Thanks for helping to bless Maddie in getting a fresh start.  See you at our next Surrey Sisters gathering.

Michele Urmie


Surrey Sisters