(I realized after the fact that 1st isn’t completely accurate. I was the first to start the program after the name change to GCSH and I thought the others who had joined before that had already finished the program. Oops, my bad.)

Kicking off Summer!

Update time!

I wanted to mention the picnic we had which you can read about here. It was really great for me personally to be around people having a good time. It was really great to continue to build relationships and it fed my soul. Being cooped up thanks to covid for so long really made it clear how much I needed something like that.

I just wanted to highlight how excited I am for the other events we have coming up. In person events are starting to fill my calendar and I am so excited for that!

One of those events was where I took the picture for this post. We gathered at the property and wrote prayers and verses inside the walls before the drywall went up. My hand got tired writing that message. That passage is exactly the encouragement I would want to hear as a new intern or resident, and it’s now in the wall in the Ministry Training Center section of the building. Which is where interns and residents will be spending a lot of time.

I’m really excited about my upcoming July update! A lot has happened and I’ll have it up before the month is even over. That’s all I have for this month. Love yall!


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