One of our largest community outreaches the past few years has been the Surrey Hills Trunk or Treat.  After having over 2000 people last year, we knew it would not be a safe event to repeat during this pandemic.  So, the GC Surrey Hills team put our heads together and came up with a socially distanced version of our typical event and so was born the Surrey Hills “Ride & Seek Trunk or Treat”. This was a neighborhood event that the whole community came behind.  We had a total of 8 financial sponsors from the community.

Local sponsors helped make this event a huge success for the community!

We had 10 neighborhood families set up trunks throughout the neighborhood and each had a social-distance-friendly way to disperse candy to each kiddo that came through. We had trunk competitions and a digital costume competition for different ages.  We had prizes and trophies for all the costume and trunk winners.

We always talk about how important it is to find and get to know your target neighborhood and after spending years getting to know our neighbors, we’ve learned a few things.
1 –  They always show up in a big way.  It kind of reminds me of that old saying from the movie “Field of Dreams” that says, “if you build it they will come”.  
2 –  If we love their kiddos well, the parents are all in.  Our events are always family-friendly and encourage families to come out together and enjoy a multi-generational experience.
3 – The adults in the neighborhood LOVE a good competition. ?

So, with these things in mind, we knew we had to make this special and fun.  We decided instead of simply giving them a list of addresses for each “trunk station”, we would instead give them clues they would have to decipher to find each location. Bring on the competition!! ?

This made the entire event much more challenging.  We released a printable “blackout card” for people to bring with them to each station and they would get a special mark on those cards as they found each one.  The first 10 families to successfully complete the hunt and return to our “home base” at the new church property with their blacked-out cards, received grand prize packs.  We also had completion prizes for everyone else.

Pastor Joe, and his wife Megan along with Nikki and Matt Payne, and others manned our home base station and enjoyed a bit of costuming themselves.

It was a WONDERFUL time and we had a GREAT turnout. We had at least 400 participants, but I believe we even had more who participated and chose not to compete.  God continually moves and leads us to love our community well, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Thinking outside the box has become a new way of life for us.  Living in the “uncomfortable” to meet, love, and serve our brothers and sisters in our community and beyond where they are has been an imaginable blessing.  We are so blessed to be able to join Jesus in His works as we participate in what He is doing in Surrey Hills. We are excited, we are humbled, we are thankful, we are loved. ❤

Ceeja Malmkar
Love Avenue Coordinator

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