Our mission is to join Jesus in loving God,
loving people, and serving others through relatonship.

Jesus is already working in people’s lives; we want to participate with Him.

Our core values bring clarity to the things that matter most to GC Surrey Hills. They guide how we achieve our mission, influencing major leadership decisions as well as everyday ministry plans. They even help us navigate staffing and budget issues. In short, they keep us focused on the unique call God has given us as a local church.

We always start with Jesus. Period.

Colossians 1:15-17

We love and value ALL people.

God loves and values ALL people, therefore, the church does too.
John 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 16:14, 1 Peter 4:8

We are guided by His word.

We are a church that shares the truth of God found in scripture, revealed in Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.
John 1:14,18, John 5:39, 2 Timothy 3:16-17

We are all about relationship.

People take priority over tasks and goals.
Romans 12:9-10

We are better together.

Life transformation happens best in community with others. Therefore, we are a church that intentionally builds healthy community.
Acts 2:46

We believe in being irrationally generous.

Because of God’s irrational generosity to humanity, we are all in, openhanded, giving EVERYTHING to and for Jesus.
Ephesians 3:20, 2 Corinthians 9:6

We keep it real.

Jesus spoke in truth and love. We will be real and authentic speaking in truth and love to each other and about the real human pains of our world.
Ephesians 4:15

We meet people where they are.

We will sacrifice our preferences, to speak the language of the culture, so everyone can hear the good news of Jesus in a way they understand.
Philippians 2:3-8

We are wholehearted.

We are a church that responds to God’s best by bringing our best in all we do.
Colossians 3:23

We are a sending Church.

We, the church, are a sent people. We intentionally disciple, equip, and send others to serve the world.
John 17:18

We like to have fun.

John 10:10