Hi friends! Easter is quickly approaching and Pastor Joe and I would like to include you all in our Easter Sunday Worship Experience! Here’s how you can help! Please download and print the PDF document or download the JPEG image to your device and send us a video of you and/or your family saying with great enthusiasm, “He Is Risen!” We’d like you to say it three times and allow 3 seconds in between each saying. Also, when filming this, make sure that your phone is turned to “landscape” and that you are filming from the waist up. Please do not send us full-body videos. For an in-depth example of this, watch the video! Once you are done, please send your video to us at info@gcsurreyhills.org. Thank you all so much for your help in making this Easter Sunday Worship Experience so AWESOME!!!! See you soon friends!

Download PDF “He Is Risen”

Download JPEG “He Is Risen”

Upload your file below by filling in some info and then upload your video and click “submit.”