Accessing and Making Changes to Your Online Giving

You will be able to do the following to your online giving account.

  • Change Personal Information like Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email
  • View Your Donation History
  • View Details of Donation History
  • Change Recurring Banking Information

GC Surrey Hills through our denomination, GCI, utilizes a secured giving program called GivingFuel. Below you will find steps on how to make changes to your online giving account.

To access your account, go to*
*Note: Your login info will be the email address you used to set up your giving when you first set it up. If this is your first time accessing this account, you will need to “Claim Your Account.” You will need the email you used to first set up your giving. GivingFuel will then send an email to the provided email address with a link to set up a password.

After setting up your password, you can login to your account.

Change Personal Information

After signing in, you can click on the tab “Personal Information.”

You can change whatever information to your preference under that tab.

To Change or Stop Recurring Donations

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click Donations
  3. Find the recurring donation with  in the recurring column
  4. Click “view details” on that line
  5. Click the “Edit” button
  6. Make the changes
  7. Click the “Save” button at the bottom

Note: It is highly recommended if you’re going to change the amount of a recurring donation that you stop the donation and go back to the GC Surrey Hills’ online giving page to create a new recurring donation. The reason for this is the amount showing in the list on the “Donations” page is the FIRST amount given on a recurring donation. If you change a recurring donation from $50 to $75, it shouldn’t still show $50 in the list. But it does.