Due to COVID and following CDC Guidelines, we are unable to meet in-person to share life and encourage one another like we used to do. As beneficial as our Online Worship Experience are, we noticed the need to connect further. We have set up a weekly Zoom Video Chat for anyone who desires to connect with other church family members and see their smiling faces.
Zoom is a video conferencing software that help facilitate gatherings with people who can not be face-to-face.
To access our Zoom video chat, follow the instructions below.

Following the worship experience at noon on Sundays, please join us for an open Zoom chat. You can join with your Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. We would love to see your smile…and you will be able to see the faces of many friends!

Click on the link below.
Zoom Video Chat: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85483179910
If you have never joined a Zoom call, it would be good to click on the above link now to download the Zoom App. Just click on the “download now” link shown and agree to each question to load the software and be ready for the call at noon.

If you have complications or have questions, you can reach out to Pastor Urmie at mike.urmie@gci.org and he will try to assist you.