Healthy Leaders, Healthy Church

Grace Communion International (GCI) desires all GCI churches to be the very best expression of the church of Jesus Christ that they can be. Simply put, GCI’s overall vision is “Healthy Church.” In becoming a healthy church, it begins with healthy leaders.
Through the life of a local GCI church, the Ministry Training Center (MTC) intentionally supports emerging leaders, existing pastors, and ministry leaders for the building up of the church.

The MTC will be a location providing training and ministry experiences through:
Ministry Workshops
Ministry volunteers, emerging leaders, and existing pastors will have opportunities to be equipped and encouraged through various ministry workshops. These are designed to give real-life tools and hands-on experience to help other leaders grow in their respective ministries. Examples of topics to be covered in the workshops will be:

Worship Ministry –
How to lead a team, song selection, flow of service, working with audio/visual team, helping a congregation transition, etc.

Children’s Ministry –
On-boarding volunteers, child safety, connecting with families, how to deal with growth, etc.

Administration –
Effectively communicating to the church, member management, importance of good branding and how to develop a brand, equipping others, etc.

Small Groups –
Developing facilitators, resources, developing small group rhythms, etc.

There are many other plans for workshops like Integration Team, Fundraising, Community Events, Social Media, Media, and much more.

GCI Ministerial Internship Program
Full-time undergraduate college students will receive hands-on ministry experience, leadership development, and ministry area exploration for participants interested in exploring ministry leadership.

GCI Pastoral Resident Program
Individuals will be intentionally equipped for pastoral leadership by providing hands-on vocational ministry experience.

Support the MTC

If you would like to financially support in the work of training and equipping a new generation of ministry leaders at the GCI Ministry Training Center located at GC Surrey Hills, please click the button below.
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MTC Updates

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