Not my favorite photo, but I know I really need to be posting more of my face in these updates. So I’m using it as incentive to take more, and to check with people to make sure they are fine with their face being posted on here if there are any group photos.

We’re back in business!

We always start with Jesus. Period.
We had our 2nd youth event of the year this month. It was great! Two of our youth invited friends to participate which was awesome! I think it’s a really good sign that they wanted to and felt comfortable inviting friends to the event. We did a bible study which was the first one we’ve really done with them. We’re going through our core values, the first of which is “We always start with Jesus. Period.” It was a good study despite the blank stares. A lot of these youth have not had a chance to go deep in a study, or at least it has been awhile since they had. Which is why I didn’t mind letting us sit in silence a bit as they thought about the questions and study. I want to push them to think for themselves and feel comfortable going deeper.

Team Rally
The picture is from an event we had which we called our Team Rally. It was an event where we prepared to launch back into meeting weekly in person again! It was a really exciting event, especially when considering what it was in preparation for! I was running the slides and lyrics, which is something that I’ll be doing at our in person worship experience, pretty much every week. At least until I train someone up to take my place.

Time Off
I did have to leave the Team Rally early though, but for a really good reason. I had friends visiting from Cincinnati! I drove up to Tulsa and got to spend the day with them. We visited the aquarium and just spent the day hanging out. It was a really great day!

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Jeffrey.Broadnax · September 6, 2021 at 8:46 pm

Thanks for the update. Hope your Cincy Friends enjoyed themselves. Jesus Period!

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