Not a lot to show

As evidenced by the lack of a picture. Which is not to say that nothing happened in May, just that I didn’t make a point of getting any good pictures. In some ways it does feel like not much happened, mostly because we had to reschedule our picnic for June due to weather. We had another in person worship experience which was good, but we were going to have the picnic double as our youth event, so in some ways the month felt empty.

Most of my work felt behind the scenes and I did pick up some projects. I joined the communications team and have been working on our newsletter. I’m also brainstorming some other technical things involving excel sheets and our website. All in all a lot of behind the scenes tasks and work that is fun for me but doesn’t always make the most exciting conversational piece.

I’m also putting in a good amount of effort into my fundraising. I really appreciate all of you who have helped support me! I’m still working on getting more supporters, and have some other fun fundraising ideas that I’m workshopping to do over the summer. But overall I’ve been really excited with the progress that I’ve had and the support that all of you have been pouring out! Thanks again!

That’s all I have for this month. Love yall!


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